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Originally Posted by Messanic
This is what you call a 'fair' reviews thread? What the hell is wrong with you? This is an old CV game, it's older than the three games on the gba, which are nothing but ports too(in a sense). FF:O has redone music and fmv's that werent in the wsc ports of FF1 and FF2, but those were still ports either way you look at it. I took you off my ignore list because I thought that you might actually show me some credibility in this thread, I was wrong.
I know that but konami should know that now it is 2000 not 1980 so they should make it alot better like better graphics and alot of extras and better sound etc
and I reviewed the GBA version not the NES and I give most games low so don't be made :cool guy: only a great game will get high but there is not a lot of them

I am sorry if I made you angry but if it going to let you feel any better I don't hate you ;)
PS:I am working on mario vs donkey kong review

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