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Classic NES Series: Castlevania~GBA-Advanture

First of all I would like to warn people that this game cost $20 in US and it is the same old version of the original game and it dose not even have one extra and to make it worst, Konami already remake it for PS1 and the PS1 version not only have better music and Graphics and higher quality sound, but you can choose between the original version and the improved version and to make it even more worst, Konami them self already made 3 new Castlevania games for GBA that released before this game and it have a lot better graphics.
Just see for your self


the sound effects are just like this.
chshhhh and kinnn and grrrch and
but at lest it dose have very good Soundtrack, but GBA can still make a lot better quality music then that, but to be honest I never thought that a game like this could ever have good soundtrack and that is a bad news for these horror games that have no music at all, I know that what it should be and I do agree that not all of them needs it, but they could at lest make a great title and the save screen musics and great end music as well, in that way, we can all be happy.
the gameplay is nothing special you play as a very slow man that have a whip (your main weapon) in a side-scrolling game, but slow is not your only problem because Simon (the hero) spend a little time to jump to avoid the vampire Dracula attacks so that the game can be realistic :annoyed:
But at lest you can power up your whip so it can be taller and stronger by getting the power up that can be found by hitting candles (the whip mix level is 3)
You can find candles every wear in the level and you can easily get power ups and the like, in short by hitting candles you will get hearts or power up etc.
And there is sup weapons in the game, but you needs hearts too use them (when I first played the game I thought that hearts are my HP )and you can only hold 1 sup weapon.
I would like to make another warning that this game is not for low timbred people, but don't worry, the music make it up for it, but that if you liked the music in that level, because you may not like it.
But at lest you can save every time you finish a stage (finish two short levels then kill the boss to finish one stage)

Gameplay: (4/10)
Graphics: (3/10)
Sound: (4/10)
Longevity: (5/10)
Classic NES Series: Castlevania: (16/40)

if you are asking why I bought the game even thought I already own the PS1 version
then that because I am a Castlevania fan, so I bought it for the different boss and one different level and one different music, but I still think that the PS1 remake is better by boss and music (yes that music is my favorite and I think it called blood line or something you can find it in, I know it is not the original, but it is still good) about the different level I think both are as good.

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