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Well my subscription hasn't run out yet, so I make with what's given. I only just heard about the SMB update today, so I was just sharing the news. As far as "Shoe" is concerned, yes, it does seem an outrageous accusation but I do believe that there's something eerie about the situation, the way he negleted editorial content beforehand, then comes out with strikingly similar material to Dave. But just as well, I'm disappointed in Dave's content as of recent years. In Issue 31 (I believe) of Gamer's Republic, they interviewed Jonathan Davis (Korn). Why a gaming magazine would do such a thing, I don't know. It makes me wish that Next Generation didn't go out when it did because they actually interviewed people relevant to the game industry.

Those LA screenshots really don't do the game any justice at all. You said that it looks pretty bad but it's one of the best-looking TG16 launch titles and it does a decent job overall. The animation may not be all that special, but how many MEGS are being used? Maybe 4, and on a system with weaker graphical abilities than the Genesis. It's amazing that Capcom was able to make Street Fighter II look and sound as good as it did on a spruced-up 8-bit console like the technically humble TG16. Also, I like the soundtrack a lot. Stage 2 (the caverns) and a few other songs are just begging to be reworked on a new console, but that's extremely doubtful.
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