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The Legendary Axe

If only the spider in the game looked this cool...

The Legendary Axe was one of the US launch games for the ill-fated NEC TurboGrafx-16 system. Most magazines drooled over this game, saying that it was better than anything available in the Genesis' upcoming lineup (the Turbo beat the Genesis to market by a few weeks). The magazines couldn't be more wrong. This is a great game, but it really does not deserve all of the early praise that it got. It never deserved it.

Here Gogan takes a whack at the in-game spider!

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics here are a step above the 8-bit NES graphics, but nowhere even close to Altered Beast, the first Genesis game. There was only one background layer, there was very little animation in the sprites, the screen shimmered as it scrolled (just like the NES), and there really wasn't much to tell you that this was a "next generation" game of any kind. I rented the TurboGrafx-16, this game and a few others after I had owned the Genesis for a month or so. I recall laughing at the animation of Gogan climbing up the rope. 2 whole frames, and one frame is just a mirror of the other. I recall thinking "Wow, this is like the NES with a bit more color and perhaps a bit less flicker!". This game certainly does not push the Turbografx-16 in any way.

The music that plays as you fight these bears is some
of the worst music ever in all of videogamedom!
And that's why the bears are so angry!

Sound: 5/10
The first time I heard this game, I thought I was listening to the NES. That's right... this game sounds almost exactly like the NES sound chip. Except I noticed a few more simultaneous sound channels and even a wee bit of stereo. But to the casual observer, there will be next to no difference in the sound between this game and just about any 8-bit NES game. There are some stages, like Zone 3A, that actually have good music, and then there are some really horrible boss tunes as well. The sound quality in general is pretty piss-poor.

The is the EXACT SAME boulder that chased Indiana Jones
and also chased you in Panzer Dragoon II Zwei.
It gets around.

Gameplay: 7/10
At least this game is fun. It's your basic platformer and you get to power up your axe, time jumps, and hack enemies through many levels, including a maze-like level in the Pits of Madness. It can be kind of frustrating as you tend to bounce off of enemies to your doom. You can get extra continues, but that always means lots of backtracking and the like. The controls are very good and Gogan moves at a fair speed (not too fast, not too slow). It can get a bit addictive, but it really isn't anything you haven't played before, and it certainly doesn't smash the opening titles in the Genesis lineup like it was supposed to. Ghouls 'N Ghosts walks all over this. But if you can find this game cheap, it is worth picking up, as it is a good addition to every Turbo collection.

This screen right here is as good as the graphics and music get!

Wrap Up:
A good occasional diversion for your Turbografx-16 or your TurboExpress.
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