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Actually Spiff you where more than likely DLing Lord of the Rings: War for the Ring which will be out this november and is developed by Liquid Entertainment and Published by Sierra.

LotR Battle for Middle-Earth is developed by the same guys that did C&C Generals and is published by EA(of course). My guess these shots are only going to get better because this really is the first stages of EAs LotR RTS, but thankfully I won't have to wait for Middle-Earth battles RTS style till next year, thank you Liquid Ent. and Sierra.

I have no doubt that by far War for the Ring and Battle for Middle-Earth will be the best translations of the books to Games because lets face it, You can't beat LotR wars.... yeah thats right Lucas, you hear me, you wanna be the king of action sequences, take a hint from Peter Jackson!!!
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