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The studio that ported Witcher 3 to Switch was bought by THQ's parent company

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The studio that ported Witcher 3 to Switch was bought by THQ's parent company

Good buy

So The Witcher 3 is kind of turning heads in the Switch port community: we even talked about it yesterday!

Although Panic Button has a choke hold on the Switch port market other studios are known to do some great work, and Saber Interactive (who is also responsible for the Vampyr port) is part of that list. Not only did fans notice it, but THQ Nordic's parent company (Embracer Group) did as well, which is why they offered them $150 million, minimum (up to $375m if conditions are met), to join. Saber agreed to be acquired, and will work for the increasingly powerful Embracer/THQ empire.

But it wasn't just the Switch ports that led Embracer to pull the trigger: Saber Interactive also worked on the financially successful 2019 shooter World War Z, and has provided background work for games like Quake Champions. In fact, founder and CEO of Embracer Lars Wingefors even calls out World War Z specifically as one of the reasons why Saber was grabbed.

Matthew Karch, co-founder for Saber, states that throughout the company's 19-year history, they have had "its share of suitors," but decided to pull the trigger with Embracer. This is just another bold move for Embracer as a whole, who now runs a combined 92 studios both internally and externally, after the acquisition of Saber's eight.
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