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DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - PS2

General Idea - DBZBT3 is a fighting game with every single storyline from the DB/Z/GT series. It doesn't go into great detail on every saga, but the content provided is worth picking it up, if you're a fan of DB whatsoever. I'm a huge fan of the series.

Gameplay - The characters move on screen like they should. The button controls are almost "too stupid". I mean, one button does the melee attacks, one does the ki beam/super moves, one does a parry movement, and so forth. Its a great concept if you know the moves. There are tutorials on the moves if you get pounded by someone who seems amazingly good at pounding your character into the ground. The only problem this game suffers from, gameplay wise, is the stupid mini games they make you go through during a "VS" screen. Rotating the analog stick felt like I was ruining my controller and pressing buttons during a clash of fists and kicks felt like a waste of time, due to the immense action that can take place in one battle.
7 out of 10
Controls - The game is no competive sport by no means. Just because this "fighting" game has no depth besides simple combos. Simply put, the only depth of this fighting game is how long you can either rush the opponent in the air or how fast you can dodge a super move.
7 out of 10
Graphics - The world of Dragonball is big, but it seems like the series doesn't get what it needs. I felt like they added content that looked good, but Akira Toryiama wouldn't approve. I've seen SSJ4 Goku for about 7 years now. This game either tops it off or leaves us for the same thing, but prettier.
I did see the graphics improve immensly from DBZB1-3 and DBZBT
7 out of 10.

Sound/Extra content - Same voice actors/actresses from the series. The story modes moved so fast that the sound didn't have too much effect on me. If you didn't know what the series was about. Intros help understand what is going on, but be warned, there is more to the story, depth wise, then what DBZBT3 introduces you to at first. Plus there is a Information where Goku's wife ChiChi explain character information and allows you to check their history.
8 out of 10

Conclusion - the game has the series down pretty good. Adding more tournaments felt like I was playing a dated game once I finished 100% of the DB storymode. If you were waiting for a dbz game and haven't played the Budokai series, then this is the best one in my opinion.
Rent or own: If you want a huge DB experience again, pick it up!
If you like the series for action and not a true fan, then rent it. It doesn't have appeal if you don't like DB.

I do think Atari/Bandai namco tried making this game better then past dbz games. And if they lose their liscence, then so be it. I hope some day they can continue the DB storyline because Akira Toriyama's Blue Dragon sucks IMO. The DBZMMO might be good.
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