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The language stayed the same. The death scenes. Imagine watching the same death scenes from the trailors. Then place a filter (like a Video effect in Adobe) of red, blue, and white over the character(s). Then have the Manhunt 2 eye turn around after each kill. It was like they were in front of an x-ray machine. I enjoyed the horror-themed killing sim more then I thought. And I did not like the original Manhunt.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare- PS3 version

Theme: Terrorist taking over Germany. Forces collide in an action packed FPS.

Story: Having a terrorist from the Middle East was the only reason I wanted to play this title. The environments and conversations among teemmates made the game seem short, but took its time to pan out. The intro felt more missleading once you actually got to play the game. 8 out of 10

Graphics - The levels were sometimes huge, but sometimes small. I would feel lost when gunfire was blasting everywhere. The gunfire only got annoying when all you see is an AK47. The smoke processing (forgot the term) was cool. It also made gun battles more realistic
9 out of 10
I just hate how the envirnoments add so much depth, but you won't see too many changes on how the interier of each house look.
Gameplay - Fun, another FPS. After playing so many FPS. This shooter got old after 2 hours or so. The fun was watching all the actions.
If its not the montage of the same gunshots. Its the mortar of bullets that shower over you. 8 out of 10

Rent or Buy - Rent. The campaign will take about 2 days. If you want COD online, I mean.. really want to play days on in of COD4 then buy this game.

Time it took me to beat it: 12 hours.
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