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The Darkness

Story - The story is "The Darkness" for those who have read the comic books you should enjoy it. The extra content in the game has Issue #1 of The Darkness for those interested. Besides being a tale of love and death, the story stands proudly over most comic book to game plots. The whole game moves with Jackie and Jenny (BF & GF) against the mafia. The Darkness is sadisticly clever and will make you have nightmares if you're not used to such a dark side of things. - 8

Gameplay - Glitchy, but satisfying. Stealth attacks and mafiastyle shootouts were cool the first couple times before it got old. Jackie can only use the Darkness in the darkness you must shoot out lights everywhere to maintain your power. This can be frustrating and annoying if you hate focusing a lot. I was able to have my laughs and frustrations with the control scheme. The weapons make up for the crappy AI in The Darkness. I'm not going into the Darklings, the concept is simple to understand. They help you out if you use their power like you should. 8

Graphics - Visually stunning! Watching a full version of "To Kill A Mockingbird" on a ingame television set was brilliant. The level design sucked since all you do is walk around the same area over and over. Characters around the New York area either piss you off or dont do anything at all. Besides all the negativity; I say its a relaxing touch if you haven't been happy graphic-wise in a long time. 8

Mulitplayer - I can't run it online and have no friends who want to play it with me.
*Looks great from what I've seen on youtube. ?

Sound - The rock music is so annoying because it hurls itself ontop of your head like a slime bucket on Nickelodean. The main theme is quite relaxing though. 5

Should you get this: Only if you like playing multiple difficulties on an "okay" FPS.

My two cents: This game could of been better. The graphics made the story really cool. The story and the darkness popping out on both sides of Jackie make it an okay game. Don't spend $60 on it, go out and rent it! trust me!

Time it took me to complete the campaign: 10 hours or so

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