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Originally Posted by Nem View Post
I'm gonna be honest. I enjoyed the prequals more than episode 7 and i hate prequals.

E7 was a terrible joke. I just can't get over the magically bending spiliting energy beam that destroys those planets. That is complete BS. Gundam makes superweapons more believable than that!

You can't just piss on physics like that when making a sci-fi movie. Even if SW veers a bit into fantasy.

Rogue 1 though, was awsome. I am not expecting good things from this new trilogy though. The cast is terrible, i don't care about any of the new characters and they portraid the classic characters as passive losers post episode 6.
Just, the story is a whole unbelivable mess, and this is without even touching "drops out of nowhere" new empire and planet sized super weapon no one noticed.
After watching the last Jedi i still feel exactly the same way, except we can add superman moment to the list of silly things.
I enjoyed the movie, i just think the problems were there on E7 and i had seen them way before now. It's not an E8 problem imo.

Drops out of nowhere empire still not explained, villain not explained, suspension of disbelief on ridiculous power level still there. These were there on E7 aswell, but that one was somehow good. *shrugs* I just don't get it.

At least this time i knew what i was going in for. So, i went in to watch a popcorn flick and be entertained, not amazed.
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