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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
Almost got my barb to level 60, then next I'm going to do a demon hunter.

I think the weapons are vastly underpowered for 2 hand weapons. a 2 hand maul should be way more powerful than to a 1 hand mace for example at the same level requirement.

2 hand weapons are so useless and they need a buff. No good reason to use them cause 2 weapons/shield will give you twice the stats. So without the double the power or more to a 2 handed weapon, I just don't see the point of them and most of them are super slow attack speed.
Barbs can just sit there and take hits. Wizard, which I am currently playing have to do a lot more foot work. lol

Weapons don't seem to matter unless you're stacking stats (Wizard). I find more use from the cross bow, so when I'm out of mana I can shoot.
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