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Heres a mod for Nexus, the pc space action sim. Its based around Battlestar Galactica, the recent series. Looks awesome. Funny story though, the idiots who own the network recently contacted them and told them to remove it. Had their page shut down on ModDB too because they're so upset that it looks better then any shit game they've made. But these guys are still working on it and release each build anyway. Unlike the gutless bastards who were making the Chrono Trigger remake and ran away crying when nintendo sent them a letter.

Freespace 2 is another awesome space sim, less arcadey than Nexus for those who havent played either. ITs also got a shitload of mods for it too. This ones a custom cinematic using the ingame engine with an updated graphic mod to make the game look much prettier. I think the game is like $6 over at GOG from memory.

Aaaaand this ones a star wars mod for the same game lolololo

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