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Not really. I've been using FXAA Post Processor for so long that I've forgotten what the game originally looked like. I have no idea what this guy considered to be 'realistic' so I couldn't just guess which was modded and what wasn't. I had to go to the site to see which one was original.

Damn lazy Aussie.

[Edit] Some new mods I've been using. They aren't graphical, but they are making the game more enjouable:
Craftable Arrows - Lets you craft arrows using the Smithing ability. You use 1 ignot and 2 pieces of firewood. A MUST for all archers, otherwise you'll be using shitty arrows throughout the game.
Rich Merchants - Merchants usually have 2000 pieces of gold on them per day. Which means to sell your loot from a dungeon, you'll have to go to 2-3 merchants. This lets you sell them all off at one place.
Training per Level - Lets you set how many levels you can train a skill per level. I have it set to 20 per level. The default is 5.

I haven't done this mod yet, but this one looks promising!

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