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Now heres one that makes me all squishy inside...

The Bloodlines Revival Project is a community effort to update the original Vampire Bloodlines game, bringing it to the current Source engine.

To achieve this, a dedicated team of hobbyists are working on converting the original content into the new engine. This has the following benefits:

* Fixing all of the bugs still found in the original games (the original developers were only able to release one patch - it's up to us!)

* Among these bugs were slowdowns, bad framerates, quest issues, graphical problems/glitches, and a serious control issue present for most people that locks up all controls for several moments periodically.

* To bring the fans of the game an SDK to work with

* This allows fans to make their own Bloodlines content - maps, textures, quests, npcs - anything and everything
So far they've done some of the stages. For anyone whos played the original they should be able to see straight away the textures are much more detailed, lighting is better, reflections look amazing, just lots of stuff. I really cant wait to see what they do with the models. The day this thing comes out I'm replaying this game for the third game. One of the best games EVER made.
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