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... lol
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sry didn't mean to highlight the 4 player bit just

You see others running around, but there is no interaction.
which seems totally pointless.

i'd take a guess that most people that hate Fable 2 .. probebly didn't play it .. and just wanted to hate a usual because it was, well, Fable 2.

anywhere heres a descrition of the pointless online bit

Getting into an online game is as simple as entering your offline world. After fixing your online options to give either everyone or only friends access to your game, you'll find a number of floating orbs moving through the world, each of which represents another player. By moving towards an orb and clicking on it, you can interact with that player. You can compare stats, exchange gifts, or invite him or her to your game.

Once the two of you are connected in a single game, you're free to roam around the world with your partner in crime, completing quests and chatting with each other in your personal version of Albion. What's neat about this is that everything the two of you do together influences your world, so if your friend decides to kill some townspeople, they'll be dead in your game forever. But that's where the cool bits of the co-op end
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