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sort of, there isn't really a option to turn off multiplayer, but if you don't want that option, just sign out of the PSN. But then you can't ask for help if you need it.

But really, it's one of the fun points of the game, playing normally and then HAS INVADED YOUR REALM and you're just like, OH FUCK, getting your shit ready for the fight, cause he has to find you first.

I've beaten 5 guys in a row, one after the other, it was really annoying! it was just when I beat it for the first time doing my 2nd play though, after the 3rd fight in a row, I wanted to beat the first demon so I could use my souls, so I summoned 2 other guys who were only useful in clearing out the other demons in the castle, they didn't help me fight the assholes! They just ran!

But luckily the last 2 still sucked and I still beat the shit out of them. I surprised the one guy, he had armor on so I could hear him coming from behind me, so I waited around the corner and when he got close BAM FIRE STORM, Guy flew to the ground, desperately trying to get the right gear equip to deal with me but I beat him before he could do that, he lasted 20 secs lolol
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