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Hmm if you mean the way it shakes when you're aiming, yeah, that's a feature. There's actually a mod in that collection that removes it though, forget what it's called. BTW the shaking isn't that bad when crouched, I played completely unmodded, started out stalker difficulty but around when I got the bar area I was playing on master, since the higher ur difficulty in vanilla, the less ur screen will shake. Basically the screen shakes a ton when ur on novice/stalker, but alot less on the higher difficulties, tho u die alot easier of course.

What's great about STALKER is the mods. U really can't play this game unmodded unless u took a time machine back to 2006-7 when it was released. With all the great mods available vanilla just wont cut it even on a first playthru. takes under a minute to "install" that pack and patch it. Also in the gamefaqs STALKER:SoC board there is a thread which i linked which explains how to do alot more stuff (better nightvisio, better flashlight), necessary cuz almost every STALKER visual mod makes the night darker. May want to check that out if u still own the game.
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