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I'm using both of the above mods currently, and the STALKER one is playable only at 1280x1024, where I still will see <30 FPS w/ lots of stuff going on, so I'm waiting to upgrade for that and Clear Sky, which is even more of a beast than even this mod collection. If you have an 8800 GT or better, the STALKER mod will run fine.

FYI, if you own the witcher you owe it to urself to DL that mod, takes no time, more info about it can be found here:

You'll never think the combat is easy ever again. Makes the combat more true to the book series, since Geralt wasn't a one man army, and he is in the game. You'll have to prepare for fights using all ur oils, potions, etc. Fodder is still fodder but groups of middle tier enemies will tear u up without the right preperation.
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