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Vic, I think you're grasping for straws looking for things to really like in the game. Sure, some of those things are neat but in no way do they make the game ten times better than just playing offline. In fact those features would have to be super incredible if I was only "scratching the surface" with my review. Compared to many other games on other systems, even the online mode is very weak and limited, though I admit it is really good.... for Nintendo. I know I've urged you to start up your own review thread and I would still love to see it. Yes, I'd be there to argue with you but hey, that's half the fun!

Still, a somewhat lackluster effort overall. I wish they had taken their time with this like they did with Super Mario Galaxy. I am quite surprised at when this game came out. Nintendo usually likes to stretch their releases out. This time the product clearly suffered as a result.
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