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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Nintendo DS

This is what the box looks like.

How do I write a review for a game that I've basically reviewed three times already? Well let me start off by saying that the Ace Attorney games are like books, except they aren't boring. You wouldn't say that all books are the same just because they're all books, would you? Well, maybe I would. But in other words, it's about the characters and the story in the Ace Attorney games even if the gameplay is similar. This installment sets up a new cast of characters and is also the first one programmed specifically for the DS (the others were GameBoy Advance ports), so let's check this shiz out, yo! Word.

Here is Apollo Justice. He wears a vest. Who wears a vest anymore?

Story: 8/10
There are four cases in this game taking place 7 years or so after the final Phoenix Wright chapter, and most of them have something to do with the overall "big picture" which you wrap up at the end. I like that. The writing is pretty good for the most part, though sometimes I will present evidence in court that proves one thing or another, everyone agrees and then the judge and prosecutor start talking about the same thing again as if I never proved it in the first place. Bizarre. The character of Apollo Justice himself is pretty much exactly like Phoenix Wright was. Phoenix makes a return in this game as well -- he plays the part called "asshole". Guns are used in this game since guns are so cool, but this game obviously doesn't take place in the US since guns are illegal in the game and there is no jury in the courts (yet). One giant plus about this game is that there are fewer "annoying" characters compared to past games.

Your female companion Trucy is a near-exact clone of Maya from the past
games. The only things different about her are her looks and her vocation.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics kind of seem the same at first, but in fact they have been improved in many areas. There are more shades and hues onscreen simultaneously now as well as more animation. The difference in graphics is really made apparent when you eventually see some retro scenes which use the graphics backgrounds from the older games. There are also polygons, and as we all know the DS can only do UGLY polygons, but they do their job and you don't have to look at them often. There are also some very primitive FMV scenes here and there. Unfortunately you cannot unlock cool artwork by completing cases in this game like you could in previous ones.

Finally, a game with REAL English in it!

Sound: 8/10
This one sounds similar to the others, but some of the new tunes sound fuller to take more advantage of the DS sound chip. New prosecutor Kalvier has a rockin' tune complete with Capcom's trademark fake guitars. Another Japanese-esque tune which plays in front of the mob house has parts that remind me of Wonder Boy 3/Dragon's Curse (that's a good thing, by the way). At one point I thought I had gained a device which would let me uncover a sound test once the game was complete. Alas, no such luck. I want a sound test!

This is what the Perceive Mode looks like, my friend. You look around on
the bottom screen for any peculiar twitches when certain words are said.

Gameplay: 8/10
Extremely similar to all of the Phoenix Wright games, but remember the final case from the first game? It had 3D stuff and things to do with the touch screen like fingerprinting. All of this returns, with plenty of new stuff to do with the touch screen. It really does enhance the gameplay. New to this game is the "Perceive" mode, where you focus in on witnesses as they speak and look for fidgeting to see if they are lying their asses off. This is pretty fun and it is less frustrating than the Psyche Locks from the past two games since it doesn't penalize you for errors. However, you'll be in Psyche Lock hell in the final chapter, unfortunately. You'll also travel back and forth through time, taking evidence with you each way (and you can show evidence you find in the future to people in the past). Is that a spoiler? Not really. Weird, but still cool.

Finally, a game that makes use of the Zapf Dingbats (or similar) font!

Wrap up:
I really don't know why they decided that they needed a new lead character as I feel it was completely unnecessary, but the game doesn't suffer as a result. If you liked the previous games, you'll like this one.

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