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Good game and great review! I beat this game only hours before Joe beat it. This makes me better a better person then Joe. You are so right about the music. It is very repetitive and gets old quickly. I think there is only 6 music tracks in the whole game! Let's see Title, story, town, battle, map and ending. So few music tracks should have made for better composition. I'll forgive them since the game is so good.
I like that there are 20 characters in the game as this will add replay value. Next time through I will pick different peeps to be in my group. I did keep Bleu the dragon and after his promotion he became mighty powerful. Shining Force 2 will be my next game after Zelda: PH.
tpfkanep- "unputdownable"? nice. Fire emblem is a good SRPG but it has one flaw that I really don't like. After a character dies they are unusable for the rest of the game. I don't like this. I like Shining Force where you can pay the holy man to raise people from the dead.
Another great SRPG that I liked was Vandal Hearts (PS1). Great game although the graphics are quite dated now.
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