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Just recently finished both PSII, again, and IV for the first time (the first time I made it to the final boss but had to return it, as stated before...). Man, PSIV is 10x the game FFIII(VI) is. II is great although time-consuming because of all the leveling-up that needs to be done, but IV is perfect in almost every way. There are a few minor flaws (sometimes I'll try to talk to someone but s/he'll walk off a little and it misses, they could've added explanations as to what spells do what [I reconized a few] and what attributes would be raised before purchasing equipment, etc.) but the quest is so addicting it's insane. It only took two days to complete; I had the free time so I figured, what the hell? I loved how they took the Dark Falz from PSI and made him into a regular, albeit powerful, enemy in the final area. The last area was, admittedly, a letdown in terms of design, but at least the last boss was awesome.

Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
The dungeons aren't too tough to map or figure out, and I really like that. The exception is one near the end which is a bit crazy.
I know which one you're talking about. That dungeon was super-cool. It would've made a better last dungeon than The E*** (no spoiler). Mercifully there's a healing point within the dungeon. Sega = Love. I loved the characters and truly enjoyed the story from start to finish. They just don't come up with great concepts like this anymore. Going back to play FFIII, I get bored by the time I reach Figaro Castle or whatever it's called really early into the game maybe a half-hour. So what if some of the music is good? Oh, btw, Kefka is LAME. You know your main villain sucks when people try to say that his best quote is, "HATE! HATE! HATE! HATE!" Geez, what a lesson in stupidity! PSIV truly owns FFIII. None of the characters in the latter had any semblance of personality whatsoever, but the former has personality and in large doses to boot. Well, at least FFII is still a great RPG.

How badly I want to play Phantasy Star Generations: 2. It's such a travesty that Sega cancelled the planned remake of IV. It would've been (what else?) incredible. I heard that people who complete certain side-missions and then beat PSG:1 and then go through PSG:2 can resurrect Nei and keep her throughout the entire game!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?! Check here for more details ~

Also, this page seems to cover everything about PSG:2. I'm talking explanations of everything, complete maps, beastiary, etc. Everything except how to get Nei back. Great site design, btw. ~
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