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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All
Nintendo DS

Whoever designed the logo needs to go back to design school.

Here we are with what is sometimes called "Phoenix Wright 2". It is a port of a Japanese GameBoy Advance game that was released only in Japan, but you shouldn't care. Be sure to read my review of the first Phoenix Wright game on the DS to get a general feel for the series. This game is basically more of the same, and fortunately that is a good thing!

This game makes a lame excuse for not being
in Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1. Pathetic!

Story: 8/10
Every episode has the word "Turnabout" as part of its title for some reason. They really love this word over at Capcom as it was prevalent in the first game as well. Anyway the writing is pretty good just like last time, and the final episode definitely reels you in. The content seems more geared to those who are a bit older than those who were targeted by the last game. Yes, the little girl still follows you around this time, however you'll be joined by an even younger girl as the game goes on. Rumor has it that a fetus will follow you around in Phoenix Wright 3. Unfortunately a couple of the WORST characters from the first game come back and spend a lot of time in this game, namely Lotta and Oldbag, two characters which everyone hates. I'm sure they'll be there for all future games as well. Fortunately the writing is good enough to keep you interested, even though one of the episodes deals with a circus. Yes, a circus! Everyone hates the circus and clowns and the like. You'll get to deal with it here, and a brand new flaming homosexual as well! You haven't seen flaming like this before, even though the character claims to have a crush on an actual female. Japan is weird. I bet they are all gay over there. They sure love their fem-boys.

Unlocking the "Psyche-Locks" can be a pain,
and often you'll have to go get more evidence.

Graphics: 8/10
More of the same, with more great hand-drawn 2D art. I like the style, it's not quite anime so that's good, though some of the expressions are overly exaggerated just like anime. Also, unlike the last game there are no polygons in this game. EGM wasn't able to handle this. I can. And so can you.

Sound: 8/10
Many musical passages return, and that's fine, but there are a ton of new tracks as well... in stereo! It still sounds like the TurboGrafx-16, but that's OK. And yes, since the Steel Samurai was the lamest episode of the first game, it's music definitely returns in full force here. Does Capcom think we like what it fails at?

This guy will die very soon. Death
always happens wherever Phoenix goes.

Gameplay: 8/10
There are only 4 episodes as opposed to the 5 that were in the first game, but the final episode is pretty damn long. In fact most of the episodes are fairly lengthy. This time you can present profiles of people as well as evidence. And there is also a new "Psyche-Lock" thingy that enables you to see when people are hiding something, and you have to wean the truth out of them. These sequences can be tough and can take awhile. I'm not a big fan of these new sequences, but I don't think they really hurt the game, either. You never have to use your stylus in this game, and that's good. There are a few times when you've gotta touch the screen, but a quick tap of the finger works just fine. I wish more developers would realize that just because a game is on the DS doesn't mean that stylus control must be used exclusively.

In order to play this game, you must be able
to read, which disqualifies most people under 18.

Wrap Up:
A great follow-up to the first game that I definitely do not regret buying. I heard there is a Phoenix Wright 3 in Japan for the GBA, and I hope we see a DS version of that somehow. I know they are making a DS-only adventure which will surely have tons of polygons and feature ONLY stylus control. I hope that they don't wreck the series.
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