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Hey guys, none of you really know me, but I've been a lurker here for a little over 2 years now. Joined after lurking, then decided to creep back into the shadows. Truth be told, this is the one and only forum I browse (my morning routine consists of checking MB forums and, and it's mostly for the hilarity of the interpersonal relationships you have with one another.

At any rate, not many people I know play video games, let alone own a Wii. I may as well shoot my code out now, so when the online cavalcade does swing our way I am ready to enjoy it with some people I *kinda* know. That said, my friend code is:

8409 6765 7304 4265


I hope you all add me; I'll be sure to add you guys. Keep it fun, I'll be in the front row lmao.
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