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Yup, it's the one thing that annoys me with otherwise excellent rpgs and mmos. (the amnt of time)

GF has a great little trick for infinite loot, which trust me, you'll want to do as it eliminates grinding for money throughout the game, saving time. there's two cheats for that in the game actually. one involves infinitely looting this npc and the other involves infinitely selling items via a merchant while on horseback. Again, it saves alot of time w/ chars.

I'm quite the oblivion newb especially since i started over, but around the web there are some crazy vids of high end chars taking out over 9 guards on screen, probably 19 mobs total, with one spell. Also, the guide is really helpful and ensures you will eventually accomplish everything.

Be careful though. I know someone who's invested like 300 hours into this game. It can be enjoyable to not take the game so seriously and also just fenerally **** around as well.
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