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Dont get me wrong, I'm not telling you to rush into new things or buy hardware because everyone else has them. The old DOS games I can understand for 98se. I was really pissed when microsoft removed the dos feature from XP. Although programs like Dosbox etc do let me play old games just fine. And I'm not sure about 98se being more stable. I remember that thing being an absolute pain. XP almost never crashes, is easy to close programs without worrying if my pc will explode, and I've seen a BSOD maybe twice in the last few years or so of owning it. XP is heads and shoulders far better.

With resolution, its not just graphics etc. One thing thats really important is depth of view. You'll notice in low res everything seems more pressed up towards your face compared to slightly higher res. Its also ALOT better for your eyes. If you have the money then you should probably just buy a low end system for like $400 if you're happy with not having super performance. I just find playing low res on pc just isnt really good. Not just because it doesnt look good, but because of the other reasons I mentioned. Even motion sickness is far less on higher res. And honestly, going frmo 800x600 to 1024x700 is not a huge hit on performance. Thats why its my favourite res for most games.

But yeah, if you're happy you're happy. I just think it wouldnt be half bad to maybe reward yourself a little with a decent system. They last for years after all.
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