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Well today I came across a new MOD for counter-strike Source that was on my ISP's game servers. Its called Zombie Source. Total riot. Basically its just the normal maps except with a bit of fog and less light.

Theres only about 1-9or so CTs and T's on one team, and the other team is made up of 20 zombies, usually Bots unless you're fast enough to get a spot in it at the start of the map. You start off with full money and its up to you to buy the weapons that will last long, plenty of ammo, and is powerful.

Zombies are special. They come in 2 breeds. The first is below.....

You'll notice the graphics dont look as spiffy, thats because I play with world detail on low. I mean when you play on maps with 32+ players, and everyone is shooting so theres lots of projectiles being calculated, and sometimes a grenade or smoke grenade is tossed around and blamblam, it really bogs you down. Low detail means it stays very smooth. And smoothness is important in online games or you DIE! I have to keep the characte rmodels on high though.

Anyway... Thats the basic zombie. Sometimes they spawn with weapons on their back, sometimes they dont. But they are ONLY allowed to use knives. And they come for you... They come for you with their 250hp that regenerates all the time and their thick tough skin that lets them take a bloody pounding. Best way to take them down i shoot them in the head a half dozen times up close and hope.

The other type of zombie is below....

These guys are awesome. Same thing as the last zombie, except with one perk. They set you on FIRE if you touch them. Like so!!!

And they just dont stop coming. They totally swarm you and chase you like crazy. Or they actually CAMP in little hiding areas in the dark and wait for you. You ask, well why not camp ontop of a high box or window ledge or something and pick them off? Well theres two problems. One, you'll run out of ammo most likely. And Two, the game is programmed to THROW you off areas that are known for perfect safe camping if you stay in that spot for more then about 5seconds. Not only are you thrown about 10 yards to the side, but you automatically drop all your weapons. So its pretty vicious.

The zombies make these moaning sounds, and when you see them coming and you're just emptying clip after clip, you just freak. Its bloody fun. Spider-prime, you'd be a good zombie

Heres some more still shots of joyous scarage. Generally if you see a player in the screen, he's usually 90% of the time running BACKWARDS!

Above shot was good. We were shooting the cabinets inrfont of the door way to block the zombies from coming inside and we'd try and shoot their heads off. Sadly the flaming zombies are smart and actually force their way through them sometimes. Here someone got happy and while spraying the area he managed to knock the cabinets out of the way of the door. Needless to say we were dead pretty quickly.

If the screens look ugly, thats cause of my awesome compression of the pics!

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