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Silly nin as always! You dont see the purpose in modding. Take Freespace2 for example. Brilliant game, good scores everywhere, sold very well, everyone who had it liked it. People went out and made mods for it because they had the ability. One mod let you change all the ships into Macross ones. Freelancer, another game that was very popular and enjoyed, people went out and made the universe for exploring about 40 times larger and added in a stack full of new ships and weapons. Its usually what people use as REPLAYABILITY. On the consoles you have simple unlockables, like say pictures or something retarded. You can replay a PC game and have about a zillion more content, make it feel almost like a new game.

The other mods, above, are just games people created with the same engine. Nothing to do with being unhappy about the game. They just went made a whole new different game cause they could. I plan to make a mod of Mario, where I can set him on fire.
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