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Street Fighter

Notice nobody is playing the
game in this picture.

Here it is, the game that started it all in 1987! It must be an amazing game to warrant so many sequels and spin-offs. In fact, how can it NOT be outstanding? Let's put a quarter in and play this incredible game. Ah OK. Press Start. Select my country (I choose USA because I am a patriot and not a traitor). OK. I guess I am Ryu. Round 1. Oh.... my. What happened? Am I actually playing or is this just the demo? Oh wait I am actually playing! Well... not anymore.

This game takes place back when Ryu and Ken were
complete stoners, so their moves are very slow.

Graphics: 4/10
Compared to all of it's sequels, Street Fighter really doesn't hold a candle. It has two layers of scrolling, floaty sprites, good color, no line scrolls (floor "warping") and that's about it. The backgrounds do look nice and that's why I give the graphics as much as I do. Capcom usually does very well with that aspect in the arcades. But the sprites are unacceptable! Ryu is now a red-head. In fact I think I'm playing as Adol from the Y's series instead of Ryu. Except Adol is a hell of a lot easier to control than Ryu is in this game. The animation is horrible. Complete choppiness. When you jump, the sprites just kind of float slowly. It's bad. Oh yeah, there are some familiar characters in this game, like Birdie. We all remember Birdie from the Alpha series, right? Well Birdie must be the ultimate "wigger" because in this game he is actually white. He has "Reverse Michael Jackson Disease" I guess.

It's M.Bison, known here as "Mike". Apparently Ryu
bumped his knee and now he's hopping around in pain.
I did the same thing after kneeing the arcade for
being so damn cheap and frustrating!

Sound: 4/10
The sound is worse than the graphics, by far. The music is screechy and abrasive sounding. The actual composition of the music is good, but the sound quality used just destroys it. So why did I rate the sound the same as the graphics if the sound is so bad? Because it is also absolutely HILARIOUS! Every single character in the game has the same exact voice which sounds like a drunk Japanese guy trying to speak English with a mouthfull of Play-Doh?... yes even Mike who just happens to be black. Every character has a witty line that they speak when they win. With Mike it's "I'm strong!". When Retsu wins he tells you to "Go to heaven!". So polite. If you win, each character will say to you the same exact high-quality phrase in the same exact high-quality voice each time. Can you understand what is being said? Fortunately this phrase also exists in text-form in the game, but I'll let those of you who haven't played the game try and guess! I don't know where they found this guy.

This stage looks cool. However it plays
like ass just like all the other stages.

Gameplay: 1/10
This is a Street Fighter game? Daaaaaamn! Well let's see... it weighs in at 40 megabits. You can play as Ryu or Ken. That's it. You both have the same exact moves. You can do your favorite moves like the Hurricane Kick, Dragon Punch, or Fireball. Good luck trying to do those moves at critical moments, though. Control is EXTREMELY unresponsive to say the least. It doesn't help that the characters are floaty and only about 5 hits are required to win (or lose). You start out by selecting a country, and you have to defeat the two dudes there. Once you beat all 8 characters from all 4 countries, Thailand opens up and you have to then deal with Adon and final boss Sagat. Both will piss you off tremendously with their super cheap gameplay. To be honest, it is easier (and definitely more fun) to see how many papercuts you can give yourself all over your body than to play this "game". It is worth a quarter just to say that you've played the elusive "Street Fighter 1" and to laugh at how bad it is, but beyond that it is sheer torture.

Ryu is a redhead and I don't know what
Ken did to piss off his barber so much.

The only home conversion
This game only has one version for home consoles thankfully, and it's called "Fighting Street" (for the same reason the Gamecube is called "GCN"... stupidity) and it exists only for the TurboGrafx-16 CD-ROM system. Not only that, but Fighting Street was the first CD game released in the USA for a home video game system EVER! Capcom decided it would be best to put it on the system where the game would be least likely to sell since they were so ashamed of it. The conversion of the arcade is actually quite good. The graphics are a bit worse and it lost the second layer of scrolling. The sprites are all pretty close and the game is still just as fun testicle surgery. Even the voices are just as ridiculous. However the music is now CD quality and nearly worth listening to. The gameplay has been reduced to only two buttons, but you won't care as it's like trying to control the game with a box of sand in either version. I would rate Fighting Street the same as I rated Street Fighter here, but with a higher score for "sound".

After many tries and much patience, Ryu
is finally able to throw a fireball.

Wrap up:
I can't believe that this game generated enough revenue to warrant a sequel. I'd rather urinate acid.
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