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Originally Posted by burpingcat
are you planning on editing the video, or do you just want to keep it as-is? It sounds like you're using a DV video camera, is that right?

If you want to edit it, I strongly suggest you leave the file size alone, and worry only about compressing the finished product. Believe it or not, 5 minutes of video at 100+ megs is already compressed. Compressing it more is going to affect the quality, so you will want to avoid that as much as possible.

If you're not looking to edit it, then look around for some good video compression software. Or ask Joe Redifer, since he's the pro.
Yes I am using DV video camera, Sony 6MP Cyber Shot, taking videos on medium setting, since the high quality setting gets me about 5 minutes=300mb file size.

Im planning to keep it as is, basically I just want to upload it to youtube, but it gets kind of annoying splitting filles just to meet youtubes 100mb per file rule. It also takes forever to upload large files.

I did use VirtualDub, but it has so many compression methods, kind of get confusing, and I tried some of them, and most of them give me either the same size as the original video, or just dish out at 400mb-800mb file.
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