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To me I think Ubisoft sees the PC as a tool. They understand they need it to make their games but they don't want to necessarily support it as a gaming platform. In the example of Watch Dogs, the PC offered them more opportunities to realize their early vision of Watch Dogs. Something I do believed they thought could be copied and pasted on the next gen consoles.

For whatever reasons that couldn't be done. If they used the PC version for primary development (Perhaps because they did not having new console development kits yet) than they could have decided to use a poor shortcuts in porting this game. Easiest way to make their launch window.

So my theory is this. The PC version was the primary platform of choice for development. Once the new consoles came out they would just port this version over. After the next gen launch they figured out the game they made so far wouldn't be compatible. So instead of working on the game on three 3 different platforms at the same time. Which would give it a chance to shine to each platforms abilities. They just edited and molded the PC version into something that would run good enough for every platform. This is why we find the 2012 code buried instead of being utilized.
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