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I feel spending about what lunch costs for one of my all time favorites, promising hours of fun, is better than sitting with my arms crossed in protest over a few dollars.
I'm not really saying the prices are ridiculous or outrageous, just not priced at something encouraging.

Its an especially hard mindset to get out of when you have been downloading "free" roms for years, I know first hand, I used to have thousands of ROMs.
I do continue to download ROMs, but I love buying and owning classic games, too. I treasure them. I don't treasure emulated virtual copies, though. Maybe if they included some interesting extras...

Classic Collections are kind of a mixed bag.
That is true, but VC's selection also tends to be that way, too. On the subject of the Sega Genesis Collection, I can personally recommend at least 18 of those games for being awesome, so $20 is a good deal.

The only games I care to play on that collection are Sonic 2&3.
What about Sonic 1
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