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Originally Posted by burpingcat View Post
#1Did you edit this photo to make it look like it has a short depth of field?
Nope, I used a special mode on my camera thats designed to take pictures of things up close. It starts bluring anything farther than a couple feet. I also had to take about 20+ pictures to get that perfect shot becuase it kept bluring sections of the Wii.
Originally Posted by burpingcat View Post
#2I think the VC prices are a tad steep. I personally have no problem with emulation and downloading ROMs (sorry!), but I also think the VC idea is pretty neat and welcome a service that provides accurate emulation, on a console, of games I haven't played.
Like I said in my review, I know alot of people think the prices are too much and I agree. But when it comes down to it and I really want to own and play one of my favorites agian, I feel spending about what lunch costs for one of my all time favorites, promising hours of fun, is better than sitting with my arms crossed in protest over a few dollars.

Its an especially hard mindset to get out of when you have been downloading "free" roms for years, I know first hand, I used to have thousands of ROMs.

Classic Collections are kind of a mixed bag. I see your point becuase some of them are an amazing deal. Others however have drawbacks. For example Sonic Mega Collection sells for about $20 now (launched at $50). The only games I care to play on that collection are Sonic 2&3. I dont want to play, and really didnt want to pay for the rest of the games (Sonic 1, 3D blast, mean bean machine). To buy just the two games I wanted would only cost me $16.

Then comes the much appreciated value of convienience. On a collection, everytime I want to play these classics, I need to eject whatever game I was playing last, put in Mega Collection, wait till the CD spins and boots up, wait through the non-skippable splash screens, navigate the animated game menus. On virtual console, I click the icon, click start, play. To me thats worth a few extra dollars, especially since it gets me to play my games more.

Its still your value perception, and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm just trying to give you some different ways to think about it.
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