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The Photo Channel allows you to view, edit, and create slideshows using pictures from an SD Card or on your Wii’s internal memory.

Upon loading up a batch of photos, they will be displayed in thumbnails on the screen. You can use the + and – buttons to increase the number of photos displayed on the screen at one time.

As you can see I dont import many photos here

Clicking on a photo will allow you to start editing or playing with it. The photo editing features of this channel are very basic. It is listed under “Fun!” when you select your picture. From there it gives you three options, Mood, Doodle and Puzzle. The Mood option lets you brighten, black and white, inverse and “Hard-boil” your photo.

Each "Mood" will also warp the background music

The Doodle option opens up a paint canvas and lets you draw all over your photo using different colors and stamps (complete with sounds from Mario Paint). Doodle is very limited as to what it lets you do, and I cant see anyone wanting to save the changes made here to their pictures.

My artistic skills are unrivaled

Puzzle breaks your photo up into smaller squares and then times you on how fast you can put it back together. I have never been into these types of puzzle games as I find them more frustrating than fun, but if you are then it does a surprisingly well job. It lets your break it into 6 to 48 pieces and records your completion times.

This one took me 5 hours to solve

The slide show function is one of the few I see a genuine use for. No setup required just one click of Slide show and its instantly panning your photos slowly across the screen. You can edit how long a photo remains on screen, as well as the music that plays in the background. You can even go as far as put MP3 (AAC in version 1.1) files on your SD card and play those in the background to your slide show. Some of the default music in this channel is fantastic. This feature sounds ideal for parties as a nice conversational piece to run in the background.

At first I didn’t see a point to this entire channel, and wrote it off as useless. But once I played around with all of its features, I realized it does have some legitimate uses. It does a fantastic job at what it’s trying to do, and for a TV set I don’t think I’ve seen an easier photo manager. But when I take photos with my digital camera, it’s because I want to do things with them on PC or print them off, not view on my TV screen.

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