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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
lol I love the backtracking. But, they should have just completely rehired the two interviewers, they didn't do anything wrong other than wrong place at the wrong time. It's not like they were anti china also.
But, lots of people have been talking about doing a massive protest at blizzcon. I'm wondering if they are hoping this will stop it from happening. But, I don't think it will.
Yup, while the innocent casters are being punished, i don't buy their BS. Only reason to do that is to make it an intimidation wash. Only dictatorships do that.

But the twist here is that at least one of them was from Taiwan, so, of course China wanted him to go as well. The point was to intimidate not only Hong Kong but Taiwan aswell.

And they say they weren't pressured. Yeah, Brack, we really believe that. If it wasn't, you need to prove it by aquitting the innocent.

Btw about the card games, i'm sure none is a good investment. Magic the gathering is likely the better game. But, it was better with actual physical cards. This digital shizzle is just lootboxes all over again.
I loved gwent in the witcher 3, but the card game is actually quite different and was a disappointment for me. But hey, i got the physical decks that came with the expansions.
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