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I really don't see why people are complaing about the price of subscriptions to MMORPGs.... I mean thats one trip to the movies with a date or yourself plus popcorn and a drink.... and those will only last you 2 hours at the most.. where as SWG, EQ, and AO can give you how every much entertainment you want.... plus they give you a month free. I think that the 14 dollar price tag is more than worth it for a game like Star Wars Galaxies... there just so much to do and get involved, plus theres so much potental there.

Also, I agree with Alucard that right now the game is just a shadow of what it will be.... but really... it's a good thing that those things aren't in the final version of the game, as goes land based vechicles and becoming a Jedi... trust me when I say it's going to be a few months before anybody is going to have the credits to buy a simple jumpheap of a speeder and even more so it's going to be much longer before you see a jedi running around. If SWG is only a shadow of what it's going to be right now then honestly... the shadow is a lot better than a bunch of MMORPGs right now.
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