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Another family member died :(

3rd one this year. holy fuck, if we all couldn't be depressed enough.

This is my cousin Evangelos, He moved down to North Carolina years ago to help support his family up here. He was like my father too, they got along great also.

This is hard on all of us, cause our Grandfather was hit by a car and killed also in the 80s.

The worse part is, he had 3rd degree burns from meat sauce falling on him in August all on his head and chest area mostly and he just had a skin graph operation 3 times already and he was about to go for another one. But being Greek, he had to work. You can never stop a Greek from working. lol

I wish I could go down to the funeral, but he wants to be buried in Texas at a Greek Church there and I don't have the time or the money right now to go

My mom is taking it pretty hard cause she knew him since he was young and my oldest brother grew up with him.
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