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ugh, just preordered for wayyyy too much stuff lol

Valkyria Revolution, Cave Story+ for switch, SMT strange journey, Ys 8, Radiant Historia, Fate/Extella on switch, Dragon's Dogma on PS4, Zero Escape 3 for PS4, culdcept revolt limited edition, Touhou Kabuto V for switch, Fire Emblem Warriors and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Collector's edition.

Getting them all for 20 percent off for preordering, only reason I am, also from Walmart, I preordered Mario Oddessy, Splatoon 2, Spider-man for PS4 and Kingdom Hearts 3 cause for only 49.99 CDN, marked down from 80+ dollars.

Then for collectables, Hot Toys Spider-man deluxe figure, glad I saved up my points from side show, got him almost for free.

Real Action hero from Medicom of BOTW Link, looks awesome but 300 dollars argh! ME WANT STILL!

then Japanese figures of Spider-Gwen and from the new Spider-man movie figures from various companies.

Then got Nioh for PS4 on sale for 49.99 and the Zero Escape 1 and 2 on the PS4.

goodbye money, my old friendddddddddd!
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