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Originally Posted by seraph830
Danigt! You and I are on the same wavelength I think, you always do things right before im about to do them. As im sitting here at work writing my first review, i look on the forum to see youve already done it. (my big review thread will come soon enough)

Tips for reviews, try not to clump everything into one paragraph, it makes it really hard to read.

Would you reccomend that game to a non-yugio fan? Its not that i hate yugio, i just have never gotten into it.
That what I said from about a weak ago. You two really think the same way and act the same way. You two are either: A) Twins. B) Same person C) Both.

?.I want to say a complement to both of you, because of your new review threads but I don?t know what to say. The thought that counts anyway. :cool guy:
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