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Ok I'm going to BLESS you lot with a quick second review of another game that holds a spot in my heart. This game is called...


Now think of this as the story of Dr Frankestien. You play the 'mad' doctor. Your sole object is to go around the adjascent villages and morgues and pilfer human parts to create your 'monster'. The whole purpose is to get it to perform on stage and do simple commands. If the monster does as you say then you complete the game! Otherwise it'll go berserk and kill everyone and yourself unless you sedate it.

You start off by going around the town and collecting stuff like needles for sedatives, a kite so you can use to electricute your monster to life, etc. Then the fun part. You can go around and BEAT the crap out of people and then carry them back to your lab. Now this part is a bit tricky. You dont want to beat them up TOO much otherwise their 'parts' become too damaged and this leads to retard monster. So you kill them 'lightly' and get them back to your castle before they regain conciousness. Here you examine each of their parts and decide which parts you want to keep, or if you want to just reject them all and just KILL them and toss their body away somewhere. Also I forgot to mention, walking around at night is also MUCH more safer. And you need to head home to eat now and then or you'll lose health.

You need to be VERY careful noone spots you or the police will come for you and so will other villages and they will beat you to death. So you dumb the body FAR from your castle. The cool thing was watching villagers come over to the body and start to carry it away slowly though to the cemetary, and I'd sit there and think ''aww its the family carrying away their father/daughter/mother/etc, they look so sad, oh theres someone on their own over there....''.

You could do it the safe way and get parts from people already dead, but its hard to find useful parts, and as mentioned before a retarded monster is a bad monster. Apart from butchering people and desecrating graves, you could also pull down the local resident who had been hanged int he town square. Once you put the monster together you zap him with the kite in the fields and then try to teach him commands. You needed to be careful though because there would always be people nearby, so you'd have to take little secret passage ways from your castle to certain areas. Definately helped when you had a throng of villagers CHASING you back towards your castle to KILL you.

I also loved the fact that you had a dungeon in your castle that you could lock people up and watch them come back to reality and just frantically run back and forth inside it. FRESH MEAT! This game was a total gem. First pic is the map screen where you walk between towns, and second is your bedroom in the castle. The graphics werent that special, but unlike today, you never actually cared about graphics since the games were complete magic.

As mentioned already, this game was magic. Must of completed it over a dozen times and more.


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