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Batman Returns

This was a game that any fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games would like. The head honchos at Konami wanted a piece of the movie industry, so they made Batman Returns for the snes. This game isn't just your run in the mill movie cash cow, this is a masterpiece. The game has the same plot as the movie, theres clowns, but no joker, and the time is during Christmas. The irony of it all is that I got this game on Christman as a younger lad, liked Batman a lot as a kid too. I had a Batman piggy bank, and I even had a cake made out of the Batman cake pan my mom used for two of my birthday's. So theres some real sentamental value in this game for me.

Graphics - 8
These are some of the best graphics I've seen on the snes, theres even a couple of scenes from the movie. The sprites in this game are amazingly high in detail, from Batman, to the clowns, Catwoman and Penguin, this game is amazing in the graphics department. After playing this game again, it made me wonder why Nintendo stepped out of 2d so fast. The animations for the characters, backrounds, and effects were also very true to the movie. Especially the fat clowns when Batman sticks dynamite down thier pants. But due to everything having one or two frames of animation for attacking, you face the trouble of getting pimp smacked by the many enemies you come across, no matter how good you are.

Sound - 9
Konami always made me remember why I liked the snes sound so much, all the sounds are very true to the movie. The punches, kicks, explosions, grunts and screams are all very close to the real thing. Except the bosses, they always gave some weird ass grunt, it was still awsome, I couldn't have asked for a better sounding game.

Gameplay - 8
I started playing this game on hard today and it kicked my ass at first, but its generally the same strategy throughout the whole game. The thing is that the AI is relentless on hard and if your not familliar with the game, you will get your ass handed to you on a silver platter. I don't even think that you can play through the whole game on easy, I'm not sure though, I've only beat the game once on easy and several times on normal and hard. Batman has a bunch of attacks and custom attacks at his disposal in this game too. You can start wailing on a clown with the first three or four hits on your combo, then end it with a cape sweep(not recommended), grab the enemy and get two or three more hits on them and then throw them.

Batman also can use testubes(use them wisely), gaurd and swoop down on enemies. He also can stun enemies with his Baterang and start attacks and strategies from there. The only serious flaw is that when going to grab an enemy in later levels or difficulty's theres an 98% chance that you'll get hit if you havent already started a combo on them already. This of course only decreases your chances of getting hit by like 30% but thats still a lot. Surprisingly, I actually managed to get through the whole game today on hard, using just three lives. Theres also one other thing thats in the game, the Batmobile, although playing in the Batmobile stage isn't that great, they are still loads of fun.

Sincerity - 9
The game is pretty much, what can be found in the movie the plot is the same and the scenes, although somewaht altered, are still true to the movie. Konami did an awsome job in the development of this game and no Batman fan should be without it or the actual movie.

Replay - 9
Theres plenty of replay value in this game, especially if you beat it on easy, theres plenty of stages and lots of combinations to work with in Batman's movelist.

Overall - 8.6
Any Batman fan will enjoy this game and any gamer will enjoy this game. This game is just awsome and a must have for the snes and for Batman fans.
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