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F-Zero: Climax

Wow, Nintendo's on the ball when it comes to the gba, but not the gcn. This game will show you exactly why thier on the ball. F-Zero: Climax, is yet another F-Zero game by Nintendo, but what makes it different from all the others?

Graphics - 9
These are the best graphics that I've seen on mode 7 3d, the cars look awsome and the game stays at a constant 60 fps. The game has some psuedo pre-rendered 3d and really nice effects for the cars, whether its crashing or speed boosting. The graphics definitely show that developers can still use mode 7 and make a game look awsome.

Sound - 8
The soundtrack is amazing in this game, the returning tracks like Mute City and Port Town, are remixed and sound damned good. However, the announcer tends to talk way too much, its nice that the announcers' voice overs are good quality, but at the same time he can get really annoying.

Gamplay - 8
Where do I start, this game is awsome, you don't go through the insane cork screews and loops that you would in the gcn or arcade game, but you do have ridiculous turns. The best part is that the game is fairly easy to get used to, so any track you havent played you can survive through the first time around. That is of course a good and bad thing. If you were looking for the challenge that was in the snes and gcn games, you might be dissappointed, so it can get incredibly easy, but I havent played past the bronze and silver cups in the first league either. Theres also four different control setups for different types of play.

You have a choice between speeding, defensive, offensive, and snaking when driving. If you push L+R at the title screen, you can see a tutorial on how each control type works too. Theres also a track editor that lets you ediit tracks or make some of your own, and then some. I didn't play too much with the track editor but theres definitely a lot to do with it. If you and your friends are tired of the same tracks on the game, theres over 50 tracks by the way, you can create your own and race on them. Theres also a story mode and a special time attack mode for different missions, this makes the game a lot more diverse than it already is. Theres also many hidden cars, but the best ones are the starting lineup imo.

Speed - 8
Thats right, I'm rating the game on how fast it goes! The game stays at a constant 60 fps, theres no slowdown and when hitting a bunch of boosters and using boost yourself, you get set up with some ridiculous adrenaline pumping speeds.

Replay - 8
You'll be busy with this game for quite a while, theres cars and all types of other stuff wating to be unlocked.

Overall - 8.2
I hope we get to see this game stateside cause theres so much we'd be missing if Nintendo decided not to let it out of Japan. Theres tons of unlockables, different play types and a track editor. What more can I say, import this or hope and wait, either way, this is another great game from Nintendo.

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