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Zelda spirit tracks

Zelda Spirit tracks DS-

Story- 6
There's really not much to it - basically the spirit tracks (train tracks) disappeared and Zelda's body been taken - it is up to Link and zelda's spirit to restore the tracks and ultimately get her body back while beating the bad guys. There are some references to the previous games so some people might find it interesting.

Graphics - 8
I guess from DS perspective it is not bad. It is catoony like the previous ones. Quite a few different types of enemies.

Sound - 7
It is OK. Nothing too annoying but nothing that great either. Link only has like 2 lines - "ah" and "hah". Old zelda sounds are mixed in there too - i think it is like a tradition?

Gameplay - 7
Basically to travel to any of the 4 zones you need to climb a tower and go through a dungeon laid with puzzles to get the track piece which will make tracks appear so you can travel around the area. Then you travel to a village, do some errands and travel to a shrine. At the shrine there is a Locomo who you need to do a duet using your pipe and microphone -after that you get another track piece which leads you to the dungeon where you need to beat the boss and light up the track.

The controls are OK although a bit frustrating at times, everything is stylus based so it takes a bit of getting used to. Zelda only helps you out at the tower where you get the tracks from. Basically in the tower you need to get 3 spirit tears while avoiding phatoms who will kill you in one strike. After getting the 3 tears you can attack phantoms and have zelda posses it and help you solve puzzles (step on buttons, push stuff, walk across lava etc.). The controls for zelda can be frustrating at times since she follows her route to a T and you really need to make it not touch anything or she just hangs there.

There are some side quests like helping a rabbit molester catch rabbits, delivery lumber and ice to different villagers, and finding stamps across the land.

Another aspect of the game is traveling by train - you basically hop on the train and use it to get to any part of the map - it can get annoying as there are these phantom trains that will kill you in one shot and are faster than you so they will always catch you if going a straight route. There is train customization but it seems to be only a skin and doesnt increase your train's speed, power or health - a pity really.

Overall 7
This is one game that i just felt like poking through the lcd screen with my stylus (tried but the tip broke and almost hit my eye..). I really hated the stylus control and the zelda controls are not that great either. It is playable sure but it is one game where i just want it to be over so i can write a review....
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