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Shaselai's game reviews....

Ok I am sorting my reviews here so people can see whichever ones they like...


Adventures to go
Assasin's creed 2
Zelda spirit tracks
New super mario wii
Final fantasy IV the after years
no more heroes 2
Mass effect 2
White knight chronicles
Bioshock 2
Dante's inferno
DJ Max clazziquai and black square
the last rebellion

Percy jackson and the lightning thief

I guess i will try do some reviews from now on... Grading scale is out of 10 for story, graphics,sound,gameplay,other (lower means more nuisance/problems)

Magna Carta 2 - xbox 360

Story- 7.5
Basically an evil prime minister killed the queen and started a war and the princess formed an alliance to fight against him. Can't spill too much or it becomes too spoilery. Although story is a bit generic in terms of "saving the world" but it has some twists to not be a total failure.

Graphics - 8
pretty decent but i liked the art book's model more than the 3d models. Monsters are somewhat diverse and has decent details.

Sound - 7
Soundtrack is mostly forgivable. Some tracks are great but the problem is the short track in a huge world - it gets repeated way too much and gets too repetitive.

Gameplay - 7
Battle is like final fantasy 12 where it is all open world and you fight whoever you want. Characters has stamina and that restricts how many actions they can do before they "overheat" and just stands there for a while. To use skills characters needs to charge their Kan - non magic users can store their kan points while wizard types needs to stay in a general area or they lose the kan points they generate. I find regular attacks are the best since skills eats up too much stamina and the animation gets annoying.

There is a lot to customize - you can customize your weapons by inserting komonds which gives stat/effect upgrades - the stat upgrades are very important since leveling up increases some attributes 1-2 points so not a lot of improvement. The leveling system is level based - you get more points if your level is below the monster's levels and if you overlevel you will end up gaining very little exp making level gain much harder. You do get 2 fighting styles - wizards basically get close/ranged and fighters gets 2 diff weapon types. Each style has its own tree and that is upgradeable through skill points from leveling up.

Your chars also has unique field skills like lighting a fire and lifting plants but it is pretty much useless since there are like only 2-3 instances of those ever being used.

other - 6

This game has quite a few flaws but overall an improvement over MC1. First of all this game is still VERY LINEAR. You are pretty much story driven and cant stray far until much later in the game. Quests are plenty but some may be lost due to linear gameplay since sometimes you cant return to quest areas. Secondly, the AI in this game sucks - you pretty much need a healer, you as main offense guy and a ranged char. There are only 3 options for AI actions and none of them are any good except healer. The AI doesnt seem to use any high level skills and tends to burn more on boosting skills and level 1 skills instead of "smart skills" like AOE when enemies grouped etc.

Overall 7.1

The story has some interesting elements and there is no true "evil" so it was kind fulfilling after beating it. The battle system is OK but i find most of the skills too expensive to use and pretty much boss only. AI is a killer for me, i find my self in a "facepalm moment" whenever the AI is healing herself of a negative status element while she is STANDING on the negative status field thus starts the endless chain of cure status-> get negative status-> cure status->get negative status..... I really hope they make a 3rd one because i did enjoy it overall....

critiques? hope it helps some magna carta 2 on the fencers...
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