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Indie pack sale

This ones actually pretty cool.

Unstoppable Gorg for: steam (pc and mac), windows, desura

Depths of Peril for: steam (pc and mac), windows, mac, desura

Tobe's Vertical Adventure for: steam (pc)

Inferno+ for: windows, mac, desura

Slydris for: windows, mac, desura

Ballistic for: windows, mac, desura
I love slapping the key into steam and also into desura so I have two copies of it lolololol. Gorg looks great and Inferno+ gives me a old C64 vibe for some reason. The rest look great. Slydris is a pretty different twist to the Tetris formula, actually moving 1 black to the left or right before others drop from above. Such a cheap pack for some excellent games.

Argh...fucking Desura. Everytime I load up the program to add games to my library I'm greeted with a shitload of awesome looking indie games I'd never heard of. Also Amnesia is on special there $5 if you've ever wanted it.
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