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Joe ~ "My first time through took me a little over 17 hours total. I had heard reports of people taking an average of 21 hours their first time through. I wasn't hurrying or anything. Maybe everyone else spent 4 extra hours of their time at the shooting gallery. Or maybe other people didn't know that you can run if you hold the li'l red button and ended up walking everywhere."

Is that a swipe? It took me 21 hours my first time through. I did everything: I took every route, killed every enemy possible, searched for hidden treasures everywhere, experimented, completed the shooting gallery (got lots of money for it, too), went back wherever I could to collect everything (and sometimes had to fight more enemies as a result), saw every cinema (did you see the first one with the dogs? You can only get it if you go back at a certain point), and so forth. My second time through was just 10 hours. Then, beating it on Professional lasted almost 20 again because I wanted to do everything from scratch on a harder difficulty.
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