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I'm actually building my first computer!
Since I've never done it before, I'm going on the cheap side, getting an ECS Socket 739 mobo and an AMD 64 3200 for $169.99. This way, if I screw up, it won't be as much money as screwing an AMD FX52. That would hurt!
Anyway, overall I'll be spending about $500. In another couple of months I'll spend money on a better system. But for now, this is just a learning experience.

I actually have a Fry's Electronics store around where I live, so that's a one-stop shop for me.

I wouldn't get a dual core. There's no need for one now.

As for the whole AMD vs. Intel, I'm definately going with AMD. I love my AMD! Though it's a little too old right now.

As for the case, you should look at fans and the power supply (if it has one).
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