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Im keeping my old monitor, and holy crap! its a Dimaondtron! your a psycic! i love that monitor, it goes up to 2000 something by 1500 something resolution and i love it. the only problem i have is that if i turn it off, the next time i turn it on it takes a LONG time to warm up, and while its warming up the right side of the screen is cut off (like id have to adjust its screen position). I think thats just because its old though.

I looked at Lian-li cases, but i dont get it. whats the big deal about them? why do they cost so much? they are just plain generic black cases. a side window isnt that important to me, but i would at least like the front of my case to have some kind of accent or flare. And i really like those bay doors (the ones you can close the door on your drive trays/power button and lock it)

is there anything else i should be considering for a case other than cosmetics?
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