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I disagree, cases aint that important unless you plan on keeping them shut. Leaving them open is always better for ventilation andheat management. BEtter off spending the cash on a really good HSF or even Water cooling instead of an expensive aluminium case. :p

Also important is your monitor - are you using your old one? If not, what type are you getting? LCD is comfortable and space saving, but not really recommendable for the Gaming PC - you get crisper picture quality (lower dot size), higher resolutions and refresh rates from CRTs/Flat tubes, not to mention they are generally cheaper.

I recommend a 19" Mitsubishi Diamondtron. Lovely flat-screen monitor. I was used to a rally crappy brand before this one (Hansol), and didnt realize how bad it was till I tried the Mitsubishi. Now when I look back at the quality displayed on my old monitor, my eyes scream in agony. :p

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