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Brigandine: Lunasia Senki for Switch announcement leaked

Brigandine: Lunasia Senki for Switch announcement leaked

Placeholder website reveals unannounced title.

Happinet Games will soon announce Brigandine: Lunasia Senki for Switch as a new entry in the tactical RPG series first released for PlayStation in 1998, Gematsu has uncovered.

The name Brigandine: Lunasia Senki was recently trademarked by Happinet Games in Japan. At the time news of the trademark was posted, Gemastu discovered a placeholder website at

Today, that placeholder website has updated, and while it is still blank, the title of the page is now “Brigandine: Lunasia Senki,” and the source code contains the following image and description intended for social media link previews:
Brigandine: Lunasia Senki

The endless battlefield fantasy, country-takeover simulation game Brigandine: Lunasia Senki will be released for Nintendo Switch as a completely new title by new developers!
Additionally, inserting any other word at the end of the URL—such as “test”—results in an error page, which includes the Switch logo.

Brigandine is a tactical RPG released for PlayStation in April 1998, which was followed up by a remake featuring multiplayer support and many other significant changes in May 2000 called Brigandine: Grand Edition. While the original game was localized by Atlus U.S.A. for North America, Brigandine: Grand Edition was never released outside of Japan.

Happinet Games will have a booth at Tokyo Game Show 2019, which runs from September 12 to 15 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. It is likely that Brigandine: Lunasia Senki will be announced in the lead up to the show, or at the show itself.

Update 08/24/19 at 1:30 a.m.: As noted in the comments, there is also a PlayStation 4 logo image uploaded to the website. However, neither the description of the website mentioned nor the error page displayed the PlayStation 4 logo, so whether Brigandine: Lunasia Senki is coming to PlayStation 4 is still unknown.
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